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Your Change Can Make a Difference!
Your donation will help equip our brothers & sisters abroad so that they may minister the gospel more effectively.
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How Does Donating Change Work?
ALink Your Favorite Cards you use to make purchases. You have complete control and can set donation limits.
BAutomatically Round-Up and donate change from your purchases. One-time fast and easy setup.
CYour small donations will make a big impact. All donations are tax deductible.
Your Donations are Secure
Rest easy knowing your information is secure with 256-bit encryption
The same security methods tested against banks are used to ensure the highest level of protection.
Donation credentials will never be shared and tokenization will be leveraged, ensuring total donor protection against fraud.

I donate my change because it's an easy way for me to give back to the Honoring the Father Ministries and support their mission



Supporting Honoring the Father Ministries by donating my change makes me feel good because I know every time I buy something for myself, I'm providing a bible lesson to a child around the world.


Byron and aparna

We donate our change to Honoring the Father Ministries because we know that even when money is tight, we can still make a big difference in a child's life.

Byron and Aparna